Eagle vs Osprey

Recently, I spotted an American Bald Eagle on a branch in a large dead tree across the lake. I also noticed another bird buzzing (flying closely to) the eagle. I ran inside and grabbed a camera and returned to capture an osprey harassing the eagle. I keep a camera ready for such opportunities.

I periodically see eagles around our lake, but more often see ospreys hunting and diving for fish. Apparently, the osprey considers our part of the lake as its territory. Therefore, it was doing its best to get the eagle to move on, which it eventually did.

It is clear to see from the above images that the eagle was not pleased with the osprey’s lack of hospitality.

It has been a long time since I posted an article to my blog, but I was excited to have seen and photographed this amazing behavior and wanted to share it with my friends and blog followers. Although I have not been posting articles to my blog for quite some time, I have been photographing a lot of Florida wildlife and landscapes, and will share some of my favorite images (example below) in future blog articles.

About Stephen L Tabone

Retired Executive Consultant and Nature Photographer
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7 Responses to Eagle vs Osprey

  1. Roger Jaimeyfield says:

    Wow! Way to go, your new name is Ansell.


  2. Joe says:

    Beautiful pictures! Love them!

  3. Venezia Maryann says:

    Very cool..It was so nice to see you and Angela.Maryann Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

  4. researchlady says:

    Gorgeous photos, love the commentary!

  5. R Stone says:

    Good thing I don’t bet. I would have put my money on the eagle Great detail of eagle.

  6. Sam Capozzi says:

    wonderful. get my love to Angela

  7. Jan Bevan says:

    Dear Stephen and Angela, Wow and more Wows. Again you have given me a look at this unusual encounter of an Eagle and an Osprey. Never have I seen anything like this before. The Osprey’s behavior puzzles me because he is the aggressor not the Eagle.  Maybe their were babies close by that were being defended?   Regardless,  your nature photography continues to amaze me. Since America is so divided still it is a joy to see animal behavior which even in challenging stances is far better than even 50 undecadent Republicans and their behavior.   I miss you both so much…Somehow we should resume our phone clals and keep in touch.   Blessings,     Jan    

    Jan Bevan

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