This Morning at Leesylvania State Park

This morning after the snow quit falling–yes, it snowed, but only about an inch, I went to Leesylvania State Park with the camera gear.  As always, it was great being outside and wandering around in the woods and along the Potomac River.  However, it was not the most productive photography morning with the BIG exception of capturing a gorgeous or handsome pileated woodpecker that was “working” hard on a tree.

I have been wanting to capture an image of a pileated woodpecker for a long time, and in about a two week period, I managed to do that twice.  Usually, you can hear them pounding away on a tree, but not see them.  Today was an exception to that, and I was able to get a very good image using my 28-300mm handheld.  I did not have time to breakout the tripod and longer lens.  I stopped just after the CSX trestle, turned on my flashers, and ran around behind the car to get my camera, adjust, and shoot a few times.  Fortunately, it was a very quiet morning and nobody came from around the bend.  No bass tournaments.  Peaceful.

It is below or for a better view go to:

About Stephen L Tabone

Retired Executive Consultant and Nature Photographer
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3 Responses to This Morning at Leesylvania State Park

  1. Anne says:

    Love your blog! Now I get to know more of what you were doing and thinking when you were out in the wild getting your wonderful photos. Great picture of the woodpecker and I love the photo on top of your blog. I’ll be your first “follower!”

    • You have been awarded the “First Follower” Award. Congratulations. It comes with requirements.

      The blog banner sunrise image was taken in this fall on top of a mountain in West Virginia called “Dolly Sods.” Yes, unusual name for an unusual mountain top.

  2. I love your new love for photography! You are so good at it! You little tree-hugger you!

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