Virginia Bluebells Tomorrow Morning

Looking forward to tomorrow morning…meeting another photographer, Ernie Sears, at the Merrimac Farm Wildlife Management Area at 0700 to shoot the Virginia Bluebell flowers.  It may not be peak yet, but they should be pretty close.  It has been raining this afternoon and evening, so the hardwood forest around Cedar Run, where the bluebell plants thrive, will be very wet (and muddy).  But, it could result in some early morning fog to enhance the photography of the bluebell plants and flowers.  Regardless of the conditions, it will just be great to be outdoors in the woods early in the morning.  I will post the results tomorrow evening.

Recent Memories of Gainesville, FL

This evening after preparing the gear for tomorrow morning, I was reviewing images from my December visit to Gainesville, FL and found one of the sunset on Lake Wauburg that I had not processed–so I processed it (below).  It reminded me of that incredibly beautiful sunset and how lucky I was to be there to witness and capture it.  I was on the lake with JulieAnne and Ivor.  They could not have arranged for a better photography experience.  Besides the sunset from the water, we saw numerous birds to include herons, egrets, cormorants, white pelicans, eagles, and a night heron, anhinga and red shoulder hawk that posed perfectly for me.  One of the sunset photos follows and one of the hawk.  The others are located at:

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