Prothonotary Warbler

Just a quick update this evening because I am excited about the shot I got of a prothonotary warbler.  Tomorrow, I will post a few photos from this weekend and upload them and more to my website. It was a gorgeous spring weekend here in northern Virginia.

Today, Angela and I hiked our favorite local park–Leesylvania State Park. While walking through Bushey Point at the park, I heard a bird just singing its heart out and very loudly. Then, I saw it and could not believe its vibrant yellow color, and it was within range for a decent shot with my 28-300mm.  The warbler’s location on a branch of an old tree provided the perfect contrast.

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Retired Executive Consultant and Nature Photographer
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1 Response to Prothonotary Warbler

  1. Anne says:

    and you caught him “warbling!” how adorable!

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