Ricketts Glen State Park and Its Waterfalls

INCREDIBLE is the only word to describe Ricketts Glen State Park in Pennsylvania. At Ricketts Glen, it is almost possible for large, beautiful waterfalls surrounded by rampant spring growth to become monotonous, because there are 22 named waterfalls in one 13,050 acre park. However, each one is beautiful in its own way and was lit differently by the warm sun or by filtered light when it was cloudy and raining (which is the better lighting condition for shooting waterfalls).

We hiked the Falls Trail (7.2 miles, rated difficult) through Ganogo Glen on Friday (10 waterfalls) to Waters Meet and hiked Glen Leigh on Saturday to the three waterfalls below Waters Meet (11 waterfalls).  We saw and shot Adams Falls (making it 22) on Friday, when we arrived, since it was close to the road on the way to the park. And to top it off, we had the park practically to ourselves on Friday.

Ricketts Glen waterfalls range in height from 94 feet to one at 11 feet. In between the waterfalls, Kitchen Creek runs rapidly over rocks and boulders making numerous small (unnamed) waterfalls.  There was new, bright green plant life starting to grow everywhere. The forest was exploding in green, and the sound of the fast running creek and falls was very load at times. When it was quiet between the falls, there were birds singing everywhere.  It was awesome to see, hear and shoot.

Since returning late yesterday, I have only been able to process a small number of photos. I will be processing more tonight and this week, and posting them to this blog and my Website. The Ricketts Glen photographs can be seen at: http://stabone.com/p280440364

Later, I will update the images of the falls to include their names.  They were named by Colonel Ricketts (a Gettysburg veteran), who owned 80,000 acres around Ricketts Glen. Most of the falls are named after Indian tribes and some of his friends.

Northern Pennsylvania seemed to be almost a month behind northern Virginia in spring growth. So, I got to enjoy spring twice this year. The following is how much of the rural countryside looked.

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3 Responses to Ricketts Glen State Park and Its Waterfalls

  1. Evelyn Borshay says:

    This certainly is a beautiful spot–exactly where in Pennsylvania is it–want to send this to my daughter who lives in Erie and is always interested in places like this where there is so much beauty in the surroundings and the wild life. Your photographs are magnificant!

  2. Thank you Evelyn. Ricketts Glen is in northeastern Pennsylvania. Your daughter can Goggle it to get directions.

  3. Anne says:

    It seems like it was the perfect weekend for you … no crowds, great scenery, beautiful weather … and amazing photos! You must be in terrific shape to lug around all your equipment, hike, and go up and down the countryside. Great way to get exercise and do your photography.

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