Duomo Siena — Cathedral of Siena

While in Tuscany, we went to Siena, a classic Medieval town famous for its large piazza, Piazza del Campo, located in the heart of town. In Siena, we visitied the Duomo Siena, a cathedral begun in the 12th Century with its facade completed in 1380. The exterior and interior are constructed of white and greenish-black marble in alternating stripes, with the addition of red marble on the facade.

Below are several images taken of the Duomo Siena (inside and out), as well as views from the Duomo overlooking the town.

Then, I went inside…

And finally, the library…reminds me of my library.

That’s all for Siena (for now). Next will be Florence. All of the above images and more are located on my Website at:  http://stabone.com/p639533790

About Stephen L Tabone

Retired Executive Consultant and Nature Photographer
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4 Responses to Duomo Siena — Cathedral of Siena

  1. Ceasar says:

    Excellent! Just excellent!

  2. Thank you–so many to choose from…

  3. Evelyn says:

    WOW–I cannot wait until you get to Florence and hope you will make Milan too–these are unbelievable places especially for your camera–and don’t forget Rome and the Sistene Chapel–you really are amazing and could easily lose your day job!

  4. Anne says:

    Looks like our church here on Long Island! LOL! Simply breathtaking!

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