More Images from Italy

I was going to list a bunch of excuses why I have not processed more images from Italy, but that’s not necessary.  The bottom line is that I have many more to review, process and upload. However, I have reviewed and processed some in the last few days and loaded them to my Website. They are predominantly from Venice and have been added to the Venice gallery. Venice was so picturesque, and I took so many photos there, that it has been difficult to get beyond those photos. A couple of the new ones follow.

As I mentioned in a previous article to this blog, Italy’s, and in particular Venice’s, windows were beautiful because of the architecture, flowers and in some cases the colorful laundry hanging from the window. I photographed many, and therefore, created a gallery on my Website just for window images. A couple of them follow.

The above images and others can be viewed at:


About Stephen L Tabone

Retired Executive Consultant and Nature Photographer
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2 Responses to More Images from Italy

  1. Anne says:

    Who knew laundry could be so picturesque? LOL! Love the windows series! No more excuses … you are leaving me wanting more and more.

  2. There was a potentially beautiful image everywhere I looked to include the colorful laundry often seen hanging from or around Venice windows.

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