More from Positano

I was not able to spend much time on photography this evening, but could not resist processing a few more images from Positano. What an amazingly picturesque, small city nestled into the side of a mountain along the Mediterranean coast! I could live there. Well actually, I could say that about most of where we went in Italy, but clearly, Positano was one of the most beautiful.

The below images were taken after returning from a trip to Ravello. We were dropped off at the top of the city to walk down to our hotel on the beach, and clouds were rolling in over the mountains making for a very different sight than when we left in the morning and when the sun was shinning brightly.

Flowers were everywhere and added to the beauty. The below image highlights some of the many flowers, in this instance geraniums in the foreground with some of Positano in the background.

Motor vehicles cannot drive down from the top of Positano to the beachfront hotels where we stayed, so we walked stopping at various small shops and stores. The streets are only wide enough for foot traffic. Positano, although very different from Venice, had something wonderful in common with Venice — there were no cars, no trucks, and therefore, no traffic. What a change or relief from here in the Washington DC area!

As we walked down the narrow streets, many were covered in vines and flowers such as the one below, which caught my eye because I could see the bells of a church bell tower through the opening above. The contrast in colors was spectacular against the otherwise cloudy, grey sky and white of the church.

The above image provides one view of the covered walkway, and the below image provides another with a focus solely on the beautiful flowers.

I have many more images from Positano and will eventually post them to my blog and Website, but that is all for this evening. I could do this all night, but unfortunately, I need to fight rush-hour traffic in the morning. More tomorrow…

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  1. Anne says:

    I didn’t know that you stayed in a hotel on the beach … how fabulous was that? And no cars in Positano? Didn’t know that either. What an absolute pleasure that must have been. You could enjoy walking around and not have to worry about being hit by a car … as I was almost hit in London (too busy checking out the scenery). The flowers are so gorgeous! When we were in Rome in April we saw wisteria climbing many of the hotels and apartments there and couldn’t believe how amazing it was. Something about Italy makes even the simple geranium seem spectacular. The contrast of colors between the sky, the flowers, and the buildings/structures make me want to pause and imagine being in that spot at that moment … and drink in all the beauty. Thank you for taking time out of your busy life to share these images with us.

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