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Sunset-at-MINWR(Sunset at Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge, FL)

It has been over a month since I posted an article to my blog. I have been photographing landscapes and wildlife this summer, but not nearly enough for a number of reasons to include the summer heat. However, there is fall in the air here in northern Virginia, and I am excited about the cooler temperatures, autumn colors, bird migration, and shorter days, all of which have started.

In addition to recent photographs, I have a lot of images to finish reviewing and processing from trips to Florida in January, May, and June.

To make up for the lack of blog articles and to share some of my recent favorite images, this article will contain less words (story) and more photographs.

Paynes-Prairie-Sunset(Sunset at Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park, FL )

I love sunrises and sunsets, some are better than others, and some will take your breath away. They remind me of how great it is to be alive and how fortunate I am to witness such beauty.


(Sunset from Ravens Roost in the Blue Ridge Mountains, VA)



(Layers at the the Shenandoah Mountains, VA)

Leesylvania-Sunrise-Bass-Boat-1 Leesylvania-Sunrise-Bass-Boat-2

(Sunrise at Leesylvania State Park, VA)

Green-Heron-wLogo Green-Heron-at-Huntley-Meadows-wLogoAbove are Green Herons at Paynes Prairie and at Huntley Meadows.

Male-Summer-Tanager-2Female-Summer-TanagerAbove are male and female, respectively, Summer Tanagers at Prairie Creek Preserve, FL.


(Norther Parula at Prairie Creek Preserve, FL)

Pair-of-Rosate-Spoonbills Rosate-Spoonbill-Preening-Its-Tail-Feathers(Rosate Spoonbills, St. Augustine, FL)


(Either Waving or Scratching Wood Stork, St. Augustine, FL)

Lately, I have been photographing Ruby-throated Hummingbirds. They have started to migrate. The males leave first, working their way to Central America.

Female-Ruby-throated-Hummingbird Female-Ruby-throated-Hummingbird-2

The above hummingbirds are female, and the below hummingbirds are males.

Male-Ruby-throated-Hummingbird-2-wLGo Male-Ruby-throated-Hummingbird Ruby-throated-Hummingbird-3 Ruby-throated-Hummingbird

I will share more of my favorite recent images later this week.

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Retired Executive Consultant and Nature Photographer
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8 Responses to Recent Favorite Images

  1. Ernie Sears says:

    A really great set of images Steve. I hadn’t seen the terrific image of the MINWR sunset before and you know how much I like the Raven’s Roost sunset. This post should put you well past the next major milestone – Congratulations and thanks for sharing!

  2. Pam says:

    Spectacular pictures – thanks for sharing!

  3. researchlady says:

    Absolutely gorgeous landscapes!!! And the photos of the birds are lovely, too.

  4. Ken Snover says:

    As always your work excels – I particularly liked the Rosate Spoonbills – great shots and colors –

  5. Mac says:

    Can you just imagine if your enlarged these to room size?????? Gorgeous.

  6. Roger Jaimeyfield says:

    You need an agent?

    Sent from my iPad


  7. Joe says:

    Great pix Steve.

  8. Steve, I continue to be inspired by the great images you capture. Your art captivates and motivates your all your viewers to include your fellow photographers.

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