Virginia Bluebells at Merrimac Farm Wildlife Management Area

Yesterday afternoon, I met a friend (Ernie Sears) at the Merrimac Farm Wildlife Management Area to shoot the Virginia Bluebells.  I was there last Saturday morning, but could not resist going again to see and capture this very special event–the bluebells only flower in the spring for about two weeks.

Ernie and I had the 300 acre Farm to ourselves, just as we did Saturday morning.  It was cool and overcast.  It had rained overnight, and the ground/floodplain where the bluebells grow was very wet.  Just like Saturday, there were acres of Virginia Bluebells in small and very large clusters predominantly along and on the banks of Cedar Run.  They grow there because the soil along the creek is very rich from when the creek rises and deposits sediments and nutrients.

I kept saying to myself and to Ernie, when he was nearby, how amazingly beautiful it was to see, and how I not only appreciated the opportunity to see the bluebells, but also to capture them digitally.  The contrast between the rich green foliage of the bluebell plants and their brilliant blue flowers against the otherwise stark leafless trees made for an incredible sight and a perfect photo opportunity.

Below are a few new images from yesterday.  They only capture some of the beauty.  You had to be there to really appreciate the sight, as well as the sound of Cedar Creek flowing rapidly from the rain and of numerous birds chirping and singing in the background.

More photos from yesterday can bee seen at:

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Retired Executive Consultant and Nature Photographer
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2 Responses to Virginia Bluebells at Merrimac Farm Wildlife Management Area

  1. Anne says:

    Can not believe how many bluebells can be in one area! Amazing!

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