Venice, Tuscany, Positano and Rome

As most of you know, Angela and our two daughters traveled with me to Italy where we joined a small tour group of wonderful people in Venice.

The group was led by Sybil Haynes of Dolce Vita Adventures. It was a fantastic tour, and Sybil did a great job of planning and keeping us on schedule, well fed with fantastic food and wine, and entertained. From a photographer’s perspective, it was perfect–there is hardly a place in Italy that is not photographic and there was plenty of time throughout the tour to capture what we were experiencing.

After spending several days in Venice, we traveled to Cortona (a Medieval town in Tuscany), Positano on the Amalfi Coast, and then to Rome. We were in Italy for 16 days and loved every minute of it. From each of the three primary locations, we visited many other cities and sites to include: Siena, Florence, Naples, Pompeii, Ravello, Amalfi and Capri.

When we were there, I took thousands of photographs with my Nikon D700 and iPhone, which takes amazing photographs and videos for a cellphone. I started processing my Nikon images, but have made little progress so far. Yesterday, I decided to focus on the iPhone photographs and have now uploaded them to a separate gallery on my Website at: http://stabone,com/p910353529.  When viewing the photos, I recommend using the slideshow capability–click on the Slideshow button in the upper right corner on the Web page.

Although the quality of the iPhone photos is very good, the Nikon images are much better. I will be processing them during the week and will be periodically uploading them to other galleries arranged by city on my Website.

The link to gallery with the iPhone photos: http://stabone,com/p910353529

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6 Responses to Venice, Tuscany, Positano and Rome

  1. Joe says:

    Very nice Steve. But I only saw a couple of shots with a cameo appearance of Angela, and only one with the girls, and I couldn’t find you in any!?! Surely, you hid a picture or two with you somewhere in it, right?

    • Leave it to you Joe to find the one photo with my family in it. It was included because it showed so well the colorful buildings of Burano. I have many good photos of Burano shot with my Nikon without the family, and they are processed, the family shot will be removed.

  2. Anne says:

    What an amazing array of photos! Viewing them brought back such happy memories of my trips there with Theresa. Someday soon Jerry and I will be there … your photos make us want to take that trip tomorrow!

  3. Ron says:

    Great work from a great fellow-traveller. I really enjoyed the time we all spent together on this great trip. I envy you for your energy in staying up late, getting up early (for the photos), and trekking all day. Ciao Amico. Until the next trip.

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