Positano in the Evening

For those of you who have been following my blog, or that recently traveled through Italy with me, you know that I shot many photographs while touring Venice, Tuscany, Positano and Rome. Yesterday, I uploaded 167 of the photos that I shot with my iPhone to a gallery on my Website. Those photos “tell the story” of the tour–from Venezia to Roma. Italy is gorgeous, and there is a photo opportunity almost everywhere. However, there is a significant difference between a “photo opportunity” and having the right light and other conditions to capture the beauty of Italy’s endless breathtaking landscapes, cities and sites.

A really good photograph captures both the moment and the light. Most of my iPhone photographs captured the “moment,” but not necessarily how the sun or the evening lights were lighting the landscape/scene. Although I also captured the “moment” in many of my Nikon photos, in some, I was also able to capture the beauty of the “light” or how the light illuminated what I was seeing.

Since my iPhone photos told the story of the tour, I have decided to post an article each evening for the next week or two with one photograph that I shot with my Nikon camera that provides more than the moment, but also the light, and better depicts the breathtaking beauty of Italy. Below is one of those images. It was shot on one of the evenings in Positano after most people had ended the night. The dark, course sand on the beach and the boats, buildings and one of the town’s churches were lit by the evening lights of the small town nestled into the side of a mountain. I went out with my Nikon camera and tripod, while most slept, and captured the very quiet evening, which was quite a contrast to the daytime when the town and beach were busy with tourists and locals. (Click on the image to see it in full scene, and then click on it again to zoom in.)

(Nikon D700, Nikkor 28-300mm VR at 28mm, f16, 0.15 sec., ISO 200)

The above image was not selected because it was the most spectacular photograph and should be the first, but only because it happened to be the first image that caught my eye while quickly perusing my Italy directories tonight. Subsequent images and accompanying articles will also be selected in the same manor–that is, randomly.

I am very interested in your feedback and comments, which can be provided below. Hope you experience some of the beauty that I did through my photographs. Ciao.

About Stephen L Tabone

Retired Executive Consultant and Nature Photographer
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6 Responses to Positano in the Evening

  1. Evelyn Borshay says:

    I have never been to this part of Italy and enjoy the photos even more since I had never seen Positano on my trips in Italy. Looking forward to all the other places you visited so I can relive what you saw in other parts of this gorgeous country I visited.

    Your photos actually look like paintings to me that were highlighted by modern lightings. You have amazing photogrpahic equipment and I look forward to your next batch of photos–

  2. Anne says:

    This is a wonderful photo even if it is not your “best.” It shows the contrast between the daytime shots that are colorful, glowing with the Mediterranean light, and exciting with action and crowds and the evenings, which I know to be more subdued, dark yet not scary or threatening but warm and comforting with people savoring every moment.

    I have to agree with the comment above, your photos are more like paintings capturing the moment, the light, the action, and the feelings of what is going on …

    And I enjoy your commentary, too!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Steve! It ain’t always easy or convenient to take a great photo! Your commitment is obvious and your photos are lovely, well composed and as we discussed on that beach full of wonderful light. I am enjoying your great eye for composition–I need to look at the big picture more. My husband, Gary, commented that your Cortona shots look like old postcards–as the person said above-painted! Some of them are a bit too pushed to me (too much contrast) but that is a personal preference…keep’em coming! Ann C.

  4. Anonymous says:

    The photos are beautiful. I have been to some of the places and I feel like I am reliving the moments I spent there. I have not been to Positano. I checked the web site for the trip you were on. I am a great packer and could survive with a carry-on. But how did you manage with only a carry-on with all the restrictions for what you cannot carry on?

    • Thank you for compliment on my photos. As far as the restrictions on packing, the biggest challenge for me was the impact on the amount of camera gear to bring. I had to limit myself to one camera body (Nikon D700) and an all purpose lens (Nikkor 28-300mm VR) and a fast low light lens (Nikkor 50mm f1.4) and a carbon fiber travel tripod by Benro. My choices in equipment worked out well, although I missed my favorite lens (Nikkor 24-70 f2.8).

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