Sunrise and Sunset at Bombay Hook and Blackwater National Wildlife Refuges

I am way behind in processing images made over the last several months, which includes images from a trip in November to Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge in Delaware and Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge in Maryland. To make matters worse, depending on how I look at it, this Friday and Saturday, I contributed significantly to my post processing “workload” by another trip to Bombay Hook and Blackwater NWRs.

I went to Bombay Hook and Blackwater this weekend, because they are very large refuges consisting of wetlands, tidal pools, rivers and creeks, wooded areas, and a wide variety of wildlife, and this time of year, many migratory geese and ducks. It was a great trip because I was able to see thousands and thousands of geese, ducks and other wildlife to include an otter and a fox hunting Snow Geese.

I have not yet transferred the images from my memory cards to my computer from this weekend, but wanted to finish this blog post that I started before leaving Friday morning for Bombay Hook. It contains some of the sunrise and sunset images that I made from my November visit to Bombay Hook and Blackwater. (Opening and below images:  Sunset at Bombay Hook)

Based on my recent blog posts, some of you who follow my blog may think that I am predominantly interested in birds, but that is not true. I love being outdoors in the peaceful serenity of a natural, unspoiled setting, like a refuge or preserve, and if I am fortunate enough to also see some wildlife, it just makes the experience even better. I greatly enjoy sunrises and sunsets–they are all beautiful, but some are incredibly spectacular. The nice thing about sunsets is that I do not have to get up before the crack of dawn to see and photograph them. However, when I see a gorgeous, memorable and photographic sunrise, it makes getting up very early worthwhile, like the two sunrises below. (First image: Bombay Hook, and second image:  Blackwater).

The following are a couple more images from last November’s trip.

It often pays when photographing a sunrise or sunset to look in the opposite direction, as in the images below. The setting sun made the clouds in the opposite direction glow in warm shades of pink.

I just want to mention that one of the things I love about nature photography is that it is a solo activity–not a “team sport.” Therefore, I am not dependent on others participating and all of the difficulties that may cause, but I must admit that when I am witnessing sunrises and sunsets like those in the above images, it is great to have someone along so that I do not have to contain my excitement. My friend and frequent photography companion, Ceaser was with me on this trip, and I can remember saying to him more than once that I was glad he was there to witness what I was seeing and so that I did not feel crazy when I was verbalizing the thrill of the moment, which I do sometimes even when alone.

Now, I am going to conclude this article and begin transferring and reviewing the images from this weekend. I cannot wait to see them on my large monitor, because it was another fantastic two days at Bombay Hook and Blackwater NWRs with a side trip to the Choptank River to do some duck photography. There were at least 500 ducks there.

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7 Responses to Sunrise and Sunset at Bombay Hook and Blackwater National Wildlife Refuges

  1. Mac says:

    I feel like a moth attracted to a flame; completely mesmerized by these breathtaking photographs. I find myself glued to screen and making sure that I do not miss any aspect of the scenery.

    • I only hope that your screen (i.e., monitor) is as good as mine so that you are getting to see them as I do. However, based on your comments, it must be reproducing what I am seeing. BTW, love your moth analogy.

  2. Anne says:

    I couldn’t agree with Mac more … what amazing photos! You never disappoint us! I can understand your feelings about having someone with you to witness the grandeur that you are photographing. It is always good to share with someone and know that this armchair voyeur enjoys every moment in time that you capture.

    • I did not include it in my blog post, but I also told Ceasar that some people are going to think I photoshopped in the colors, but that is NOT the case. The “grandeur” was real, and being there was by far better than the images.

  3. mike585 says:

    Wonderful colours, Stephen.

  4. takingsnaps says:

    Some fabulous shots,..thanks also for coming over to my blog and following. I hope you will continue to enjoy it.

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